Friday, July 31, 2009

Random Thoughts on Why I Play Raw

So I get asked quite often why I, a negative guy, would have raw bareback sex with guys. And the question gets referenced to the fact that I am versatile. I fuck and get fucked raw. I take loads up my ass and I shoot loads up other guy?s holes.. I will fuck and get fucked by Poz guys and Neg guys. I do not discriminate in any way as to whom I decide to play with except in the fact that I must be attracted to them in some way.

So here are my random thoughts on this. What I have done, what I want to do and other comments.


My ultimate fantasy is to be a cum dump bottom who is in a sling and has guy after guy come up and fuck and unload in my ass. I have had that fantasy for as long as I can remember. However, I have never acted on that fantasy. I have been fucked by several guys at a bathhouse before. In that scene, it was in different rooms and some used condoms and others did not. With one guy, I tried to ride down on his big muscle cock raw but he stopped me and put a condom on. He did end up shooting while fucking me, but it was all in the condom.

I have also taken a load from one guy at my place and then proceeded to head over to another guy's place and get fucked and take his load as well - without telling him. I know guys that love to use the fact they have a load in their hole as bait to get other guys to breed them as well. I have never done that yet. I do have a couple buds I play with that want to fuck me after I have taken a load. I will follow through on that eventually.

My main problem when playing is that once I cum and shoot, I am done. I have to be in a situation where I cannot cum easily so I can get fucked repeatedly. However, I get so close to shooting my load when I have a cock in my ass that it is difficult for me to not shoot and then be out of my mood.

I have been in bareback group scenes before. In these groups where there has been four or more guys, I have always been a top. I have been in threesomes where we all fucked each other raw and so I topped and bottomed.

When was the last time I used a condom? I believe it was January of this year. I was doing some groups with a two other regulars. We would get together and then find a couple other guys to join in. It was always safe in these situations. However, I have actually fucked both of those two regulars raw. They have fucked me raw. It was never together with all three of us.

I know the risks. I know that I can catch many different things. I get asked about my concern for this - or lack of concern. I really can't explain my lack of concern. I just don?t have any. I love the way my raw cock feels in an ass. I also love the reaction a guy has when he is fucking me raw. I get so turned on by his reaction and him getting into the fact that he is fucking me raw. I also get off on the fact that I can make him shoot his load inside me, and that I have his seed in me. It is a complete aphrodisiac to me. There is just something that completely gets me turned on by the whole thing.

So I fuck negative bottoms raw. I do this quite frequently as well. I am honest and say I am negative as of my last test - which was in January. I get tested every 6 months. But I don't mention the fact that I get fucked raw and take loads from neg and poz guys. I am sure the ethics on this are not in my favor. But I don't lie and say that I only top and never get fucked.

I have one regular boy I have been fucking raw. I told him recently that I was in a mood to get fucked. He is a bottom and a sub bottom at that. He would only top if I forced him as a sub and restrained him and climbed on his cock. He has told me that. I haven't done it. He has a nice thick cock and would love to feel him raw inside me. I want to get him to shoot his load in me. He shoots a nice load when I fuck him. I have never shot inside his hole though. We do talk about me doing it, but he has always shot his load first.

I love fucking and being watched. However, part of my group fear is being watched while being fucked. I have been in one group of about 10 guys where we were all pretty much versatile. We were getting fucked and fucking. We also all used condoms. This was a hot scene with all hot guys. I loved getting watched in that scene. I have just been scared of being watched while taking raw cocks with a large group of guys.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


So I have started to Tweet on Twitter to twit about many tweets. Yeah, bad I know.

You can follow me there:

Like having discussions on there in a somewhat instant form. It's fun. Hopefully meet up with guys from there in the future. Always up for meeting hot fun guys for whatever: talk, beer, sex. Just be warned, I will tweet and blog about it. And if you are lucky, will post a pic of it too!

Enjoy the day!

Friday, May 1, 2009


So I frequent BBRTS quite a bit. This is Bareback RT Sex site. It is growing in popularity as I find more and more people on the site. I also notice the move from sites like Manhunt over to BBRTS. It is a more honest and open search for sex I believe. I am amazed at home many guys on MH will say "safe only" and the like only to slide my cock in hard and raw.

I like it I have to say. It is what I really search for. So, I am glad to actually have a site that I can search for it with no problem. Lucky for me. Because of this, I will probably not be renewing my Manhunt account. It is old and tired and I really don't find anything new on there. It is usually just repeat tricks, which are fun in and of itself. I don't have a problem with having sex again with a guy as long as its hot, fun, sweaty, raw and so on.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

New site

So I joined a new site today: BBRT. This is a site for guys that like it raw. I am amazed at the guys on this site, especially ones that I see on other sites. I intend to post about my exploits on this site and others. I haven't really been posting stories or what-not, but I will again soon!

Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


So, I am a member of various online male dating, friendship, and hookup sites. I recently became active on Bear411. This is a site for men of the larger size and their admirers. I find that I am attracted to larger guys, both more muscular and a little beefier than myself. I prefer the more muscular.

One thing that is interesting also is what Bears will do sexually. I got into liking this type of male because of leather. I like leather outfits and what guys where in leather: harnesses, jocks, straps, belts, boots, vests...etc, etc.

So if you are into the kink side of sex, muscular and beefy me, you should check out Bear411. I will report on my Bear411 hookups on here. This will include the good and bad!